Thursday, April 30, 2009

untitled. bookstores?

screwww worrrk. that's probably a sucky attitude. but why go to sleep when there's so many good reasons to be awake right.

favorite secret past-time: spending unlimited amounts of time in major bookstores (like barnes and noble or borders). have you ever heard me tell the story of when i was almost killed in a barnes and noble? in new york city, the upper east side? if you haven't ask me about it some time. its one that should certainly be saved for real life i'll tell ya that.

anyways. tonight i indulged. it had been a while. in new york i found myself in billions of bookstores. i googled the best bookstores in nyc. i made lists of them and mapped it all out. i traveled to the stores and made notes of each of them. ahh and i mostly loved them all. i stumbled onto soo many unknown bookstores. they filled a huge giant creative hole i didn't ever know was missing. i am probably more captivated by books and bookstores than anything else. they're up there with my undying obession with love, the cupcakes katrina made a few weeks ago, doing classy things, and feeling feminine. (those are some major faves.) and tonite, this particular evening, i spent hours. and i was in this hilariously giggly mood. i was lovin every book i saw or flipped through. so i'm sure it comes as no surprise that this is my new everything book (READ: my new journal) :

and that i really enjoy owning it. tonight was terrible for my wallet.

i felt like a major creeper snapping this shot but how cute is this lil tyke? his squeaky voice was soo frickin hilarious. i look forward to many a similar photos of my own children.

ugggh, and p.s. how bad do you feel for nie these days? you should really donate.

lastly; have you ever seen a film of yourself eating, without realizing the camera is there? oh man. i suggest you somehow set yourself up sometime. i did, and it was soo hilarious. i was like, rolling on the floor laughing my head off. it was truly so funny and interesting. hahahha i want the whole world to experience it. that may be my next life project. step aside, frank warren.

ohh, stop me now. these late night posts are the ones i usually end up regretting. but love too much to delete. haha. i'm done.

alrighty well i'm going to sleep. see you in 4 hours.

sorry, i've got a lot to say, and it sounds a lot like rambling. alright it is rambling.

i've learned a lot in the last few days. and by a lot i mean, ahem. A LOT.




and how EVERYBODY is of great worth. everybody deserves respect. everybody deserves your love, even if it's just common respect and courtesy. everybody's little happinesses are important. everybody has feelings and everybody matters. a tremendous amount.

i've been VERY reluctant to talk about this but finally i've come to a certain level of terms.

satan has zero power over forgiveness.

i had no idea how vulnerable i was to loving some certain people.

i've always been a sellout to gossip. i'm easily beset. you got the latest gossip? i'm like putty in your hands. and my office desk is basically a convenience store i have soo many trash mags.

i've ignored most advice telling me to avoid it, because i could never understand its power.

i learn from extreme examples, and i guess God knows this too because that's what he gave me. an extremely, HORRIBLE example of how terrible gossip can be.

you'd gladly say whatever you're saying to someone's face. you'd both laugh about it together as friends. unite yourselves together about the realities of your own imperfections.

but you don't.

instead you join with someone else (who is actually scum) and betray this friend instantly. when those same words which could have been used to build and further your bond spreads to them it becomes an acid. dissolving not only the bond you had but any future bond.

oh it's terrible.

and then a beautiful, wonderful, terrific, fabulous miracle occurs.

forgiveness. and without even realizing it (or in some cases you do realize it) you receive and enjoy the powerful beauty of the Atonement. and it's such a wonderful thing.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


today i went on this FANtastic bike ride. look how buteeful it was. i look like a freakin geekoid. lol

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

me today.

i discovered what i want to do with my lifey. this is really what i want.

to own a bookstore that looks like this.

i just love literature soooo much. it falls into the same category as a personality. (any form of human expression).

in new york city. with my little children running in and out of the store. it will be perfect. i love this world. i WILL foster the most fabulously creative, magical childhood for my children.

sometimes you have to...
" stuff that average people don't understand.
because those are the only good things."
-andy warhol

ohh man could that be any more true for me? and my parents? they are normal people who do not understand. the other day while i was getting dressed my stepmom goes "oh is it costume day?"

and she was not even being one bit cynical. she was truly just asking.

p.s. layout is under construction. as you can see i've improved by leaps and bounds. its gettin ther.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

mexico. sun sun sun




i got my mission call! i am going to richmond, virginia and i leave june 24th.

i'm freaking out. it's so soon! i can't wait and i am so sad to miss everyone. but I CAN'T WAIT. i know i'll love it more than i'm imagining and will be blown out of my mind at: how hard it is, how fun it is, how cool it is, how much i love people and all the important things.

many the miles.

dahh i'm livin the GOOD LIFE.!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

luckiest girl in the world

hahahaha. what a joke.

i'm in mexico staying at a big, way too fancy five star resort. five star. hahaha i had no idea what i was in for coming here. but i'm almost done reading miley's book 'miles to go' (of course) and of course i've loved it. i don't feel the overwhelming need to be her friend anymore because somehow in reading her book she confirmed for me that i already have more than anything i could ever ask for. i have her. already. in the people that make up my life. suchhh amazing friends.

they're God's way of apologizing for my family.

haha not serious. i am grateful for what i do have in my family.

but really seriously very grateful for the amazing people that have voluntarily stepped into and stayed in my life.

katrina i just have to say miley and you have identical life philosophies. if not identical then freakishly frightening similar in a bajillion ways.

and miley has a phenomenal philosophy on life.

anyfrigginways. i'll post photos later, long story but i can't now. all i can say is i'm the luckiest girl in the world. for a million reasons. but just one is because i got to go to the place where scholars (my dad included) believe was the land bountiful. my heart took joy yesterday when i found out we were going to chichen itza. hahahha italians call it chicken pizza. just kidding but we were joking about that all day. but i just thought we'd see the old pyramid and that'd be that. however we also saw some ruins where they believe the Savior came and called the twelve (3 nephi 13 ish). wowowowow it was basically AMAZIZAZING!!! and that's a big reason i feel really lucky. also: the endless food (like a cruise all inclusive 24/7 food to all restaurants and room service), hours and hours at the beach (wait til you see the photos), the best friends in the world (i'm reminded of this as they are not here with me now), cameras that work (my waterproof digicam broke this camera gods? especially since were going parasailing tomorrow and snorkeling tuesday..arg!!!! oh ya and i mean i LOVE my eyeballs, i'm so grateful for them and they usually work pretty well BUT let's just be serious. eyeballs can't post youtubes videos eh)

next reason i'm lucky: a walk to remember came on last night and i was forced into watching it again. it had been years. i'd tried to sit down and watch it before but always got distracted. even though i was cynically laughing my way through the entire thing i cried at the end and remembered a: how much i love that movie and b: my world revolves around love. i'm love deprived these days. love-thirsty if you will. i haven't cuddled or snogged in like...weeeeeks. wow i should change my blog name to: KELLI TELLS ALL! hey, there are 6 L's in that title! crazzzy. anyways.

and last reason i am the luckiest girl in the world: the gospel. my testimony. being a mormon. knowing what i believe and mostly why i believe it. the 3 main questions are answered: where i came from, why i'm here and where i'm going.

jack says it best: love is the answer at least for most of the questions in my heart, like why are we here where do we go and how come its so hard?

writing for me is like dreaming. it's where i sort out a lot of my random thoughts and as soon as i get typing they sort of spill and mesh together. it's my brains way of processing my life. and like dreaming, i don't always get to it all. or i gravitate around one thing that doesn't even seem to be that big of a deal. or i dream about dreaming. like right now i'm writing about writing.

oh ya and i can't wait to write about our guide on yesterday's adventure; his name was limhi. like limhi straight out of the book of mormon. and his brother was helaman and his nephew was abinadi and his other brother was alma. oh wow. he was soo cool and very hilarious in his own little foreign way. anyhow, i'm going to retire for now because sis and i are watching friends. in a desperate-for-american tv moment we bought season five of friends off itunes. all this insanely perfect oasis of a hotel/golden city needs is a cafe rio and a redbox. goodnight.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

take me away. a secret place.

i was. i was taza inspired. it's like "classy" not to post too many photos. my limit is six. hahahaha. whateva


this is me these days. haggered from 50%+ hours of my life spent staring at the computer. not depressed but not alive. oh thank you job.

i miss these days. so much.

but i am looking forward to sharing a few bits of good news in the next couple weeks. one: i'm going to mehico next week. two: my mission call is days away! and three: that means i'll just quit my job. which is like the best news of all!

all day long

i read this. i made this. i live this.

koda monkey

oh he was being so goofy this week.


wez juz ben lyk playn n stufz. z-o fun.

we iz evn lyk supahuroz it rox. sins da fotos r bluri u lyk haz 2 use ur uhmajinashun. we luz uhmajinashin.

its true. i saw pete breinholt. LIVE.

it went a little like this. oh there's a benefit concert for paul cardall tonight? i'd LOVE to go.

then in the middle of it "psst BRIT, how COOL if peter breinholt were to play. here. tonight. so cool huh? if only.."
"umm, kel. he is. that's like half the reason why we came." then me: !!!

that event practically checked itself off my bucket list.

its not everyday your friends are tailgating outside your house

when you pull in from work. hahaha rap was blasting from trine's van. hahahha i love that you guys are unemployed and part-time. i will soon learn of your ways.
you animals couldn't help but get up and move your feet.
i lovey my life. :)

since yesterday was a little bit dark and dreary

spring's colors were like neon against the grey skies.

home-made nature

i'm qualifiably a creative mess. here in a nie-inspired moment i've turned coffee filters, floral tape, food coloring, spray paint, and branches from a tree outside into this:

ah the wonders of free time
...and happy easter!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

le caitellina bond

i must pay my homage!

and more happy memories and fotos to be shared shortly. if you feel so inclined to hand my [already printed and waiting to be distributed mind you] resume around town for me while i allow my soul to slowly slip from me into the hands of corporate america, be my guest. simply post your contact info in the comments section below. good day sir.

conferrrrrence rocks!

i love me church. it's so classy. and the food. i love all the mormon stigma when it comes to food. conference special coming right up.

hahaha nope, not jokin with that whipped cream.

ps check this out. cute blog, i felt honored to be included :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

happy birthday me!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just felt like a princess all day.

my sweet mother

my sweet besties

my sweet dad + marsh

this was, BY FAR, the best birthday i've ever experienced.

*except maybe that surprise party in 3rd grade. i still remember falling to the ground in shock. :) greattt memory!